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“ I had been sneezing for 10 years as regular as clockwork and had been using anti-histamines and nasal steroids. Since I had Allergy tests and treatment at HASS clinic my symptoms have been reduced tremendously.” Vish. B (Ilford)


Immediate or Classical Allergy testing is an IgE mediated reaction. Tests are for foods or inhalants.
The test can be a skin prick test or a blood test.
The tests are accurate and are standard tests used in Hospitals and Allergy Clinics around the world. The results are reliable and reproducible.
The patient needs to stop taking antihistamines 48 hours before a skin test. Otherwise the blood test would be more appropriate. The skin test gives results in 30 minutes, the blood test takes between one and two weeks and requires 5ml venous blood. Our Nurse can take the blood at the Clinic.

Indicators: Itchy skin, vomiting, swelling of lips and throat, hayfever symptoms, asthmatic breathing, anaphylactic reactions, rhinitis,eczema and dermatitis.

Price for tests:
Skin Test for up to 12 foods or inhalants and dietary consultation               : £ 55
Blood test for 20 foods or inhalants and dietary consultation                      : £125

Food Intolerance Testing or Delayed Reaction testing is for reactions which may take place many hours or even days after eating the suspect foods. It is IgG antibody mediated and is often associated with chronic conditions.
The ELISA (Enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay) technique accurately measures the amount of food specific IgG in the human blood against an extensive panel of commonly eaten foods. Though the immunological mechanisms for food intolerance have not been definitively characterised, they are thought to include Type II hypersensitivity (antibody-dependent cell damage) and Type III hypersensitivity (immune-complex disease). Both mechanisms involve an IgG response, whether to cell surface or circulating antigens, and invoke localised tissue damage and immune complex deposition respectively. A very small amount of blood is required. The results are normally available within two weeks.
Indicators: Migraine, headaches, eczema, asthma, hyperactivity, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue.

Price for tests:
40 food test and dietary consultation  : £148
93 food test and dietary consultation  : £260

Patients are advised on a rotation or avoidance method of diet treatment so that ‘allergic’ foods are not troublesome in the future.

Chemical Sensitivity
Sensitivity to chemicals such as fragrances,  preservatives or metals such as Nickel provoke a type IV delayed hypersensitivity. A skin patch test is done. Results are available after 4 days.
Indicators: contact dermatitis reactions, eczema and other dermatological conditions.

Price for test:
Patch skin test and consultation       : £55

Additives, Antibiotics and Analgesic Sensitivity
These are blood tests to see sensitivities to common chemicals. For more details

Prices for tests:
Additive test                                  : £ 105
Antibiotic and Analgesic test          : £ 105





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