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1. It was hard for me to wake up in the morning without my joints hurting. In only two months of treatment at HASS Clinic  I can comfortably wake up in the morning. -Peggy M (Essex)

2. My nose used to block up for 20 minutes virtually every night for many years as the major symptom of my asthma. I have been on medication for this as a fire-fighting measure. Now it has decreased to about 5 minutes. My breathing has also improved greatly since visiting HASS Clinic. -Rajiv G (Essex)

3. My coughing and wheeziness has been at home and at work, despite vacuum cleaning my house and keeping my house as clean as possible and taking all the precautions that I could. Since I have been to HASS Clinic my coughing and wheeziness has reduced. -Gita M (Essex)

4. My son's eczema improved very quickly from treatment from HASS Clinic. -Aruna G.(Essex).

5.  My nose has been constantly runny for many years now. I have been through all sorts of medication and my house is full of boxes of tissues. Since identifying that housedust mite was my problem and taking appropriate action in the house there has been an improvement in my nasal symptoms. I have reduced buying boxes of tissues by 75% and feel much better overall. -Bettina M (London)

6. I am writing to thank you that my Boss's eczema has improved. -Janice P (Gloucester)

7. I had itchy skin, itchy scalp and itchy elbows. After tests and treatment I am much better. -Semi H (Essex)





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